Chaos and Order

Inima Prelude

We start our story of Inima with her standing before Mizuk the head of her village. “Inima you are here by banished from our village for the crimes you have committed. You must leave before the sun rises tomorrow.” claimed Mizuk. With a angered look on her face Inima walks away to grab her belongings. As the night fell Inima left the village and the surrounding forest for the first time in her life. She slowly made her way north with her snake companion until she came to a bridge guarded by a goblin. This goblin tried to extort her for wanting to cross the bridge. His toll was so high she could not pay. The goblin then said she could not pass, Inima then got aggravated with him and attacked him. After a few blows from Inima the goblin started calling for help. As the battle raged on Inima slowly took all of the goblins down until there was only one. The goblin insulted her which was not a good idea. Inima’s temper then went out of control and she began to rage her skin turned a shade darker and her eyes turned a deep red. She then slammed her morning star into is head with so much force his head appeared to evaporate after which she calmed down. She and her companion began to cross the bridge but then one of the goblins who managed to have survived for enough time to chant in a foreign language before he died. As she turned back around a fiery creature called a Bomb appeared in front of her. Inima’s snake got in front of her to try and protect her. After it struck a few times it laughed and exploded blowing up the bridge sending Inima flying into the lake at the bottom. She made her way up after a little while and continued on her journey north. Inima came to a new forest where she decided to rest for the night as she felt comfortable in the woods.

Thorn's Prelude

We start our adventure with Thorn A white mage who just moved out of the apprentice stage of his training. A higher ranking member knocked on his door exclaiming that the headmaster would like to see him imminently. Thorn followed the member to the tower where the head master stays. Thorn proceeded up the stairs to come to two big oak doors, He sensed a strong magical presence from the room. He knocked on the door and the headmaster invited him in. He informed Thorn that he still had to take a graduation test if he was to no longer be an apprentice. Thorn was slightly hesitant to accept the quest the headmaster and the high order decided. He was to travel to the old White mage annex which had not been used in centuries. This was due to it being taken by a Black summoner who ran rough shot until the fiends killed him and his men and used it as a place to stay. However, After thinking it over Thorn accepted this challenge to scout and see if the annex was still overrun. Thorn took the rest of the day to prepare for his journey and finally talked to the gate-keeper to move onward to the annex. He arrived at the mouth of the cave where his journey starts as Thorn moved through the cave he came to a sign that read beware turn back and dead-end a fork in his path. He quickly remembered from a class that the part of the sign pointing to dead-end was the way to go and the other was cretin death. Thorn came out of the cave unscathed only to find a not so friendly creature waiting for him a mountain goblin which he dispatched with ease. Upon further inspection this goblin was not alone. After a short but grueling fight he stood victorious. However, Thorn had to stop and rest for a short while from being winded. After he was ready he mad for the annex as he grew closer he realized how impressive this annex was. He peered in the door to look for any opponents but none to be found. Thorn made his way into the room that had looked to be untouched by the fiends and torches lite everywhere. Quickly he moved upstairs upon inspection he was confronted by two fire flans. This battle proved a challenge and all was almost lost Thorn lay unconscious. A mysterious man helped him up and Thorn did not realize the man was there and decimated the final flan. As Thorn tried to leave the man made his presents felt by threatening Thorns life. The man seemed to be a skilled thief and gave Thorn the chance to escape…Thorn took it. As Thorn was about to leave he sensed a very strong magical presents in the basement and feeling his mission not done he went to check. In this room he encountered a rather slow fire flan it seemed obsessed with a corner of the room. This flan bit bigger than the others quickly proved to be much more of a match than the smaller ones. Thorn started to escape and once he came to the top of the stairs only to be met by the thief about to kill him for not leaving when he had the chance. However, he threw Thorn down the stairs back to the flan to be finished by it. Thorn found himself fighting for his life against this horrid fiend. He slayed the creature and proceeded up the stairs once more but this time the thief was gone. A chest behind the thrown him the main room had been looted with a note saying now all shall know my name. Thorn shut the chest and headed home, he came to the unfamiliar door of the gate-keeper and was informed some fiends had gotten in and killed 10 or 20 people. This troubled thorn but he pushed on to his headmaster to give a report. With his headmaster pleased with this news he congratulated Thorn on now being a full fledged white mage and told him to get some sleep for his first and next quest as a white mage will begin.


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