Chaos and Order

Inima Prelude

We start our story of Inima with her standing before Mizuk the head of her village. “Inima you are here by banished from our village for the crimes you have committed. You must leave before the sun rises tomorrow.” claimed Mizuk. With a angered look on her face Inima walks away to grab her belongings. As the night fell Inima left the village and the surrounding forest for the first time in her life. She slowly made her way north with her snake companion until she came to a bridge guarded by a goblin. This goblin tried to extort her for wanting to cross the bridge. His toll was so high she could not pay. The goblin then said she could not pass, Inima then got aggravated with him and attacked him. After a few blows from Inima the goblin started calling for help. As the battle raged on Inima slowly took all of the goblins down until there was only one. The goblin insulted her which was not a good idea. Inima’s temper then went out of control and she began to rage her skin turned a shade darker and her eyes turned a deep red. She then slammed her morning star into is head with so much force his head appeared to evaporate after which she calmed down. She and her companion began to cross the bridge but then one of the goblins who managed to have survived for enough time to chant in a foreign language before he died. As she turned back around a fiery creature called a Bomb appeared in front of her. Inima’s snake got in front of her to try and protect her. After it struck a few times it laughed and exploded blowing up the bridge sending Inima flying into the lake at the bottom. She made her way up after a little while and continued on her journey north. Inima came to a new forest where she decided to rest for the night as she felt comfortable in the woods.



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