Name- Inima … Chaotic Neutral
Pet- Amic medium sized creature.. Big Dark Green & Black Snake
small, young(only 16) long red hair, bright yellow eyes, small upward horns, small dragonic wings, a long tail.
Personality- Adventurous, always up for a fight. Very headstrong & stubborn. Does whatever she feels like. Outspoken. Bitchy at times, but otherwise fairly friendly, no one ever dislikes a Gria.

Crits- 1
Crit Fail- 2
Kills- 7
Damage- 16


My name is Inima, I’m a Gria from Jylland. Gria’s are a fierce people with a strong love for battle & adventure, but have a friendly caring nature at heart. We are run by females, the men we have don’t leave the village often except when necessary. We keep them protected inside the village walls.
I’m sort of an outcast among my village. See, Gria’s are typically fierce warriors, fighters, hunters & even monks. But every once in awhile a Gria is born with an ability to tame & befriend about any animal it comes across no matter how vicious & wild. However, my village has never experienced one of these… beast masters until I was born. As a child I always was a little bit of a loner with a huge anger problem. My mother Jeria, didn’t really know how to handle me. I always had these little fits of anger and destruction, The Elders tried continuously to convince my mother to get rid of me or leave along with me but she always convinced them I’d get better with age, which was somewhat true.
One day as a young Gria, when I was out adventuring & hunting for some food I came across this snake bleeding horribly and was near death. He looked at me with such compassion & with so much hope in his eyes that someone has found him, I felt drawn to him and had to save him. I named him Amic… meaning Friend and we have been inseparable ever since. Although my village was uneasy with a giant snake living in it, I kept him under control he never hurt anyone. A little over a year ago, Amic went out to hunt for some food for himself and I went out and went in my own direction for some food of my own. I had heard a loud hiss and whimper..something was wrong with Amic, I flew as fast as I could until I found him on the ground bloody with an arrow in him and a tall male Gria standing my him with a bow in his hand. Instantly I raged and attempted to kill the guy. We fought long & hard and I finally got him with his back against a tree and my dagger at his side asking him why he attacked my friend. He told me his story, his name was Meroge & he had been kicked out of his village for attempting to be some sort of dictator & had killed an Elder. Before I could get in the final blow my mother came running towards me with the village Elders stopping me, one of them came and healed Amic, the others escorted us back into the village to discuss what happened.
They took in that monster and he told them some sob story about getting lost and needing shelter for a few weeks and how I, along with Amic attempted to kill him for food for Amic. Of course they believed him. Two weeks later one morning out hunting I was found by the Elders and brought to trial. My mother had been found murdered with my dagger in her side. Meroge convinced the Elders I did it in one of my rages & tried to run, they believed him and I was forced out of my village with Amic. I don’t know his true purpose of doing this, but I know if I don’t find my way back to my village with help he will kill the Elders as he killed my mother and take control. One day I’ll get my revenge on him. Until then, it’s just Amic and myself on the road doing whatever is necessary…and entertaining for survival.


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